Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Too Busy NOT to Pray

Okay - confession time. I lifted the title of this blog post from Bill Hybels'. It's the title of his book on prayer. I do so shamelessly however because the title gets at the level of priority prayer ought to have in every believers life.

Do you pray daily? I don't mean only rattle off a prayer here and there when the Lord crosses your mind. I mean do you carve out time in your daily routine -everyday - to meet with God and read his word, worship and offer petitions and intercessions to him?

If you don't you need to start - TODAY!!

I am convinced that growth in Christ just won't happen without much time in prayer. I am convinced that God's kingdom won't expand and deepen without much time in prayer. I am convinced prayer is an indispensable part of every Christian's day.

But we are busy.

There is no denying this. We all have a lot going on. But think of all things we already get done in our busy lives. We work. We prepare meals and eat them. We watch T.V. We go to movies. We sleep. We exercise. Here's my point. Even though we are busy we all find time to DO WHAT WE VALUE.

Do you believe prayer is indispensable? If so, make time for it. I promise you will NOT regret it!

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