Monday, August 19, 2013

God is Obsessed With Reaching the Nations

I know - it sounds strange to say God is obsessed with something. Please know that I don't mean ANY disrespect. It's just that I believe God's mission between Genesis 3 and Christ's return is to call out, through the gospel, a people from every tribe tongue and nation for his glory and their joy. He is relentless about this!

That's God's heart and that's God's vision. Therefore, it should be my heart and vision.

One of the ways missiologists gauge the progress of the gospel is through tracking people groups. It is a much smaller unit than what we think of as a nation - the modern nation state. There are roughly 27,000 people groups in the world today. Of those 27,000 thousands of these group are still unreached - they do not even have Christians among them. Roughly 1000 do not even have missionaries from other people groups reaching into them.

Clearly these numbers are inexact. However, they are useful because they give a sense of the work to be done. The world is not reached and God is still at work fulfilling his mission.

God calls all us to be part of his global mission. I agree with what Dr. John Piper says, "Go, send or disobey." The vast majority of us are not called to invest our lives cross culturally. But all of us are called to be part of God's mission as senders. I believe there are two central ways we do this: resources and prayer.

How about you? Are engaged in God's global mission? Are you praying? Are you resourcing? What is Jesus telling you to do? Should you go?

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