Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Power of Multiplication

The key to world evangelization is multiplication; not addition.

Do know how thick a piece of standard copy paper would be if you could fold it in half 30 times? About 68 miles. How about 50 times? 142,606,336 miles. Seems crazy doesn't it. Get a calculator and do the math. You will be shocked!

This fun little math fact teaches something profound about how disciples ought to invest their lives. If I were to lead a person to faith in Jesus everyday for the next 33 years, I would lead 12,053 people to the Lord. But what if I led one person to Christ a year for the next 33 years AND I trained each person to lead another person to Christ who in turn would train others, who would train others, etc. The outcome of this would be 8,589,934,592. That is larger than the current population of the earth.

Of course in real life things would never work this nice and neat. However, this exercise demonstrates the power of multiplication and shows that the most effective way to evangelize is not only lead people to Christ but to train them to lead others, who will train others, etc. Multiplication.

I cannot imagine a better way to invest my life!!

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