Monday, March 7, 2011

Why You MUST Practice Silence and Solitude

Contemporary life is noisy and crowded. It just is. The noise and the busyness can be a sign of life and productivity. But it can also be a barrier that crowds out the presence of Christ.

To draw near to Christ one must practice silence and solitude. These tandem practices create space in your heart and soul for the presence of God.

"Okay," you might be thinking,"That sounds good, but how do I find silence and solitude in my noisy and crowded life?" Good question. Here are two ways to do so.

1. Look for little opportunities. In a given day there all sorts of 3 - 5 minute slots where we can be quiet and alone and drink in the presence of Christ. Maybe it is the first five minutes you are in the car when you drive home from work. Maybe it happens by slipping out of bed five minutes early before the daily on-slot begins. Be creative and don't ignore the little opportunities.

2. Silence some of the noise. Noise is habitual. Did you know you don't have to turn on the radio when you are in your car? Did you know the T.V. does not have to be on all evening? Identify some of the noise makers in your life and eliminate them from part of your day.

It's a battle to find silence and solitude, but finding it is worth the fight!

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