Friday, October 8, 2010

Worship is in Christ

The Christian life is all grace. I have a tendency to forget that. My mistake is that I start by grace and then try to grow by my own effort and power. This is a big mistake.

One place where I have to guard against this happening is in worship. Here's the deal. Christian worship is in Christ. Jesus is at the right hand of the Father and he is constantly offering perfect worship to the Father. His hands and heart are pure. His intention is pure. He always gets it right. I, on the other hand, never seem to get it right. My worship is always tainted by my wrong motives, I am distracted and sometimes I don't want to worship. But worship, you see, is a gospel thing. What makes my worship worthy and acceptable is that I do it in Christ. Because I am clothed in Christ through faith in him, my worship is good enough because I worship in him. You might even say, I hook my worship to Jesus' worship and he makes it pure, good and acceptable.

Isn't this the greatest news? I can come freely and confidently into God's presence and worship in my own weak and feeble manner knowing that Jesus is before the throne of the Father offering perfect worship to him. Thanks be to God!

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