Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sermons Are Hard

I really like being a preacher. I mean it - I really do. I also like preparing sermons. Okay, I'll admit it, at one level it is cushy work. I sit at a desk reading, thinking, writing, all the while drinking good coffee with good music in the background. That part of it is enjoyable and even relaxing.

It's coming up with something to say that's hard. I'm an Anglican and we have four texts read in our worship every Sunday. So first I have to pick one of those texts to preach on OR I have to find some common thread in each one of them. I've been to seminary and dutifully learned to work hard at finding the meaning of the text(s). That's all good - but I have more than one commentary on each of the texts I am studying and guess what - they often interpret the text differently. And then this happens - every week that goes by I hit a point where I am in a blank stupor wondering what on earth am I going to say. What is my "one key motif?" What is my "one central point for life change?" What is the "one spiritual growth goal" I want to achieve? Every week, for most of the week -- I GOT NOTHIN'!!! I mean it - nothin'.

But here's the funny thing - the cool thing really. By the time Sunday comes - I got something to say. It may not be profound and it may not be presented in a very artistic or creative manner - but I got something to say. And once again I am reminded that preaching is a God thing. The work, the uncertainty, the confusion - I think that's part of the process. Why? Because preaching is about God and not about me. If it was easy I would depend on myself. This way I am desperate for God's help - and you know what - when I look to him ... he helps.

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