Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thoughts on Church Planting - 2

When I first got into the church planting biz the rule of thumb was a church had be self-supporting by three years or the plant was basically a failure. Sorry, but I disagree now. I think it takes longer. Some say six is the new three. I still think it takes longer -- I think a decade. I think that most church planters should plan to invest a decade of their life getting a church off the ground.

We live in post-Christendom times. Church planting used to be about starting a new denominational branch. Three years to a get a church up and running for the long haul made sense in that context. Those days are gone --even in the Bible belt where I live. It's now time for sacrificial, long-term investment for the expansion of the Kingdom through church planting.

Any thoughts?

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