Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thoughts on Church Planting 1

I'm thinking about church planting. (When do I not think about church planting?) I am pondering what it looks to plant simple and missional Anglican churches.

Usually simple church is another name for home/house church. But I want to expand the definition to mean smaller (under 150 or so - but not excluding home churches) communities that have a minimum of organizational systems, see buildings as optional, are relatively flat in structure and at the same time are rooted in Anglican ethos.

For a definition of missional see my posts on Introducing the Missional Church.

How about creating an open source exchange of ideas on my blog about simple and missional Anglican church planting?

  • What does simple/missional/Anglican look like?
  • How is it like church growth movement based Anglican church planting and how is it different?
  • Does churchmanship (i.e., high, low, evangelical, anglo-catholic, etc.) effect the ability to be simple and missional? Why or why not?
  • What is necessary for a simple/missional church to still be meaningfully Anglican?
Those are some of my questions, but feel free to raise others that are on your mind. For now let's get talking and see where this conversation goes. I am very interested in creating some images and stories that help those of us interested in this approach to move forward together in the missio dei.

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