Sunday, May 17, 2009

Communion, Not Merely Transformation

I have been thinking about the meaning of sanctification lately. I think I tend to overemphasize transformation. While being Christlike in character is part of that process, the ultimate goal is union or communion with God.

By grace I have been given communion in Christ, through person and work of God the Holy Spirit. This means I belong to God the Father (by adoption). But there is also a processive dimension to this. As Paul writes in Ephesians, we are to "make Christ at home in our hearts." More and more of me needs to make room for him. Transformation will come of this, but transformation is not for transformation's sake; it is for the sake of communion.

Spiritual disciplines and working at spiritual growth still have their place. But they are the means by which we draw near to God and the means by which we put off sin that we might come into deeper communion with God.

So, I am wanting to learn how to frame Christian discipleship in terms of communion, not only terms of being a better person.

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